DIY Turban Hat

    Bad Hair days are over with this super easy turban hat tutorial. With this tutorial, you no longer have to worry about tying a turban every single time.

    I’m kinda lazy when it comes to tying head wraps, especially geles for ‘owambes’ so it was only natural for me to come up with a quick solution. I hope you like it.


    For this turban hat you’ll need:

    how to turban hat

    • Fabric
    • Glue (I used wood glue)
    • Threaded needle
    • Head warmer or any hat of your choice that is snug


    1. Place hat on your head
    2. Take folded fabric and place below head warmer at back of head
    3. Cross over ensuring you create an angle.
    4. Cross over again

    5. Take one end and tuck into the back, as shown in picture

    6. Take 2nd end and tuck into the side, laying it flat to prevent a bulge.

    7. Tuck Tuck Tuck

    8. Take it off your head carefully and sew in place. Glue the parts that the needle may not get through neatly. I used wood glue because it dries clear. You may use mod podge or any other kind of glue.

    Soak in the pure pleasure that comes from creating something.

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    Till Next Time!!

    Smootches xxx


    DIY Mickey Mouse Tee

    A big HELLO to my favourite persons in the entire world! You of course!! :D :D :D Pardon me I can be real cheesy sometimes…Mozzarella? Parmesan? See? I ‘m doing it again… Forgive me!! :p

    My apologies for going AWOL. I had an EXTREME case of hacking. My heart would literally stop everytime I visited my site and found strange posts. Sorry if you saw this too.

    So you can imagine how excited I am about posting this tutorial. Ok, I’ll spare you the details of the palpitations of my heart and get to it because I figure that’s why you’re here on DIYDOSE. This is how to make a Mickey Mouse T-shirt

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    DIY Fabric Feather Earring

    Hello!! Ok, so this is the part where I’m supposed to tell y’all what inspired me. Let me be honest and say, I really don’t remember. One thing I do remember is always wanting to make feather earrings from fabric but never got around doing it.

    I wish the inspiration came when feather earrings were all the rave, but hey! Better late than never, right?

    Here’s how you can make yours.

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